Editorial Introduction 2
Sample Menus 7
Why recipes? 8
It usually takes three of us, a few beers and a lot of imagination 14

Working solo


Prepare your mind 28
Hack your head 31
Let your mind wander 32
Defocus your thinking 34
Instant willpower 37
Think with your hands 39
Constraint as a seed for creativity 42
Automatic writing 45
Get into the flow 48
Keep loving your thesis (even when it hates you) 50
My work is not me 52
How to love several projects at once 54
It’s OK to have a stationery fetish 57
Just describe 59
Relieving attention fatigue 62
What to listen to while you work 66
Roll the dice 69
Working in a shared environment 71
Digital scholarship – start here 73

Academic papers

Creating sensory- sensitive spaces 76
The creative footprint 86

Working with others


Share what you made 102
Broadcast your ideas 105
Sharing food 108
Nurturing your PhD students 110
How to make your team hate each other and you 114
Research group as extended family 116
Death by form filling 119
Tina says: ‘Push!’ 121
Yes we can – sometimes 123
Can-do space 126
Oh, I thought you meant 128
Creativity crush 131
Serendipity on the back of a napkin 133
‘How might we…’ space 135
Popup whitespace hubs 137
Sweet spot 139
Visualising the problem 141
Just breathe 144
Research interest visualisation 146
Version control: managing collaboration on
academic documents 148
Creative spaces for interdisciplinary research 151
Idea room 153

Case Studies

Serendipitous encounters 156
The alternative academic 160
The importance of social structure spaces 166

Academic papers

How-what space 170
Serendipity in practice 176

Working Environments


Smart working with smartphones 186
Tidy your desktop 188
High-end technology lab 190
Lowbrow powwow 192
Intimacy 194
Don’t panic! 197
Meat(ing) place 199
Get into the zone 201
Make do & mend space 203
Work that space 205
Rebel space 207
Bus as research environment 210
A mobile thinking shrine 212
Off-grid creativity 214
A recipe for mediocrity 216
Thinking den 218
Bookable nomad space 220
Attractor spaces 222
Beam me up (or down) 225
Workshop space 228
Meetings in the great outdoors 231

Case Studies

Harmony with nature 234
I can’t bear this space 238
Jump Associates 246

Academic Papers

Connecting design in virtual and physical spaces 252
The spatial and social constructs of creative situations 260


Conclusions and invitation 270
Benchmark your space 272
Grammar audit Score sheet 282
Benchmarking your audit 285

Biographies 287
References 297


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