BITE featured on The Thesis Whsperer

Judy Roberston has authored a guest post on The Thesis Whisperer, featuring the recipe My work is not me, by Alison Williams.

The Thesis Whsperer is Edited by Inger Mewburn, Director of research training at the Australian National University and we were really fortunate to have contributions in the book from her (more on this soon – pages 50 and 156 in the book!). In her case study, she discusses her experience of blogging on the process of research – touching on many of the subjects raised in the recipes and papers in BITE and especially the ‘other things’ around research that are rarely discussed explicitly.

Any PhD students, researchers and supervisors out there should definitely put The Thesis Whisperer in their ‘to read’ list – somewhere near the top…

So watch out for Inger’s recipe next week – Keep loving your thesis (even when it hates you).

BITE: Recipes for Remarkable Research is available in paperback, hardback and as Open Access from:

Sense Publishers: Paperback | Hardcover | Free Open Access
Amazon: Paperback | Hardcover
Barnes & Noble: Paperback | Hardcover

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